Breeding horses can be a complex undertaking and even more complicated for sports horses. However, it is still possible to maximize on the opportunity and create different breeds, so even rare species live on. Here are four tips for horse breeding, more precisely, for sports horses.

Consider the Cost

Before you decide that you want to breed your sport’s horse, it is vital to have a clear budget from the start. The gestation months plus the early days of a foal’s life will not be like any other typical days. You will need special pieces of equipment and several vet examinations. Make sure that you have a good budget set aside to handle the pressure.


Your horse’s diet might have to change during the pregnancy period. Try not to make the mistake of overfeeding the horse in the first stages of the pregnancy. At this stage, you can feed her usually, but as the days get closer to the due date, increase her food potions. She will need more energy and nutrients at this point. When it comes to horse breeding and pregnancy, make sure your horse gets food sources that are high in nutrients.

Space, Exercises and Vaccines

When your horse is pregnant, she will need a spacious stable so she can move around and rest as she wishes. Space makes it easier to exercise even while indoors. Once she has given birth, try to give her time to recover. Nine months after, you can take her through light riding exercises but never ride when her foal is around.

One more thing, when the mother-to-be is about five months pregnant, make sure she gets a herpes vaccination. Ten months into the pregnancy, give her tetanus and herpes vaccinations for her foal.

The above tips will not only help you breed a great horse but also a sports horse.