A horse stable is one of the important things that you should put in place when you are thinking of breeding and keeping horses. You can either do it by yourself or hire professionals to help you build the stable. Some of the things you should consider are:

Build For Longterm

If you are building for breeding, it makes sense for you to think of the long term and get extra stalls for when your horses multiply. You should also think of their sizes. The fact that you have a small horse now does not mean that it will stay small forever. It is economically viable for you to build for the future, and to build a qualified teams.

Use Mats for Flooring

When it comes to creation of a stable, the mat you use makes a big difference. Use rubber mats in the aisles and stalls so that the horse can be comfortable. The mats are easier to clean and last longer than using clothing and cushions. They also require less maintenance and they look more appealing.

Have a Wash Stall

You should dedicate some space for washing and grooming the horse. It should be a space where the hose pipe can easily get in. This helps during extreme weather when you cannot get your horse out but they need to be groomed. You may need to work with a professional plumber if you are not familiar with plumbing.

Ensure Good Airflow

Do not make the mistake of building an airtight room where the horses do not get space to breathe in fresh air. Always remember that the general health of a horse is dependent on the environment they live in, and if you do not provide them with a well ventilated and aired room, they will keep falling sick and might even die. Use breathable building materials in the stable and allow space for air to penetrate through.